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One key element for cultivating spiritual ground is the process. Always count the cost. In Luke 9:62, “and Jesus said unto him, no man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

If we are not willing to count the cost of plowing, tilling, and planting, there will be no fruit produced. Fertile ground must be processed. The condition of the soil matters.

Plowing gets rid of the weeds: weeds of unforgiveness, apathy, pride, doubt, fear, sorrow, grief, hopelessness, disappointment, anxiety, despair, etc. These weeds stunt the growth of our spiritual life and hinders what the spirit of God wants to accomplish within our lives. Plowing also pulls up any rocks hidden deep down in the soil. One of the largest rocks in a believer’s life is the rock of offense. This rock produces a stumbling block and causes maturity to be hindered.

I remember my dad using a four tine/pronged soil cultivator (a small curved rake) to help keep the weeds from continuing to grow around his garden plants. It would go into the ground around the plant pulling up the weeds to keep them from choking out the growth of the plant. if not carefully done the actual plant could be damaged. When this application is applied to our spiritual life we realize how important it is for the spirit of god to be the cultivator, the tool used for the removal of spiritual weeds.

Just remember, it may be painful when the spike of the cultivator goes in, but it is productive!This process can slow down the planting season and affects the yield of the fruit making the harvest smaller; but, gives better stronger fruit, and better planting for the next season.

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