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The Fox of Bitterness

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Hebrews 12:15

Beware of the Fox of Bitterness.

Bitterness can be defined as anger and disappointment or being treated unfairly.

I do not think there is anyone alive who has not been treated unfairly or who has not faced disappointments. This comes with life and is necessary for our personal and spiritual growth. I often say, “If God is not working on your problem, HE is working on you.”

We must be aware that the fox will take us down and out by causing us to become bitter. When a person is bitter, it comes out in every area of their life. Others find them short tempered, snappy, rude, disgusted, having a bad attitude, and disdain to people especially those sent by God to stretch you into His purpose for your life.

You must especially be aware of this particular fox because it has a way of wrapping itself around your personality and causes you to think “it’s just the way I am, or everybody in my family acts like this, and I can’t help it “.

Well, you can help it and when you insist or continue to let this fox of bitterness rule your life, the true statement is “I refuse to help it“.

This fox may cry or whine, scream, and resist being cast out… as this is one of the characteristics of a natural fox when it is caught. I understand that you will not be fit for the Master’s use if you remain in this state. It is a must that you recognize it as being an hindrance to your advancement in the Kingdom of God.

This lost world of people that we are to reach for Christ has already been faced with hurt, disappointments, and are treated badly; they don’t need bitter Christians to wound them more. They do not need to encounter Christians, who are allowing the fox of bitterness to control their speech, actions, and countenance.

They need Christians who are filled with the Spirit of God, pure love, care, and concern. When this fox of bitterness is cast out, you will breathe easier, your health will be restored, and you will find yourself walking in the newness of life. You and everyone you encounter will be affected by the love that lives on the inside of you.

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