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The Devil is a Sly Old Fox

We are aware that “the devil is a sly old fox.” But he has many other characteristics as well. In the child’s fable, “The Fox and the Crow”, we read that the fox was walking through the woods in search of food. As he looked

up, he saw a crow with a small piece of cheese in his beak and decided he did not need to look any further.

The fox walked up to the tree and began speaking flattering words to the crow. At first the crow was suspicious, but the fox continued flattering the crow about her shiny feathers, beautiful form and splendid wings. The fox then appealed to the crow that her beautiful voice would surely make her the “Queen of Birds.” At this point, the crow forgot her suspicion and opened her beak to voice her loudest caw! Of course, the cheese fell right into the mouth of the fox! The fox walks away mocking the crow for outwitting him for the food.

A cunning person is clever and deceitful with the ability to achieve things in a clever way, often deceiving other people. To do something cunningly is to do it in a crafty, sneaky, and skillful manner. These words definitely describe the enemy of our soul, the devil. He approaches everyone with the little things, appeals to our weaknesses and insecurities, or crafts lies in a way that we can no longer see the truth. His goal is to break us away from the “true vine”, Jesus, who is our joy and our strength.

Prayer Point: God has chosen, appointed, and purposely planted us to build the Kingdom of God. Jesus came that we might live a life of abundance! Be cautious that you will not be deceived! Be alert, be watchful! We must stand firm in our faith through prayer.

Ephesian 6:18 “With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.

written by Geneva Galloway and Pastor Sylvia Staten

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