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Women's Conference Speakers


Yasmin Novella is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. She is the owner of Mo2vate Me LLC, and Novella’s Kreations, LLC. Yasmin is a Notary for the state of South Carolina and a member of the Simpsonville Chamber of Commerce.

     Yasmin is a world-renowned motivational speaker.  She is highly sought after for her empowerment through emotional intelligence and ability to captivate others in any environment. Yasmin is a Personal Development and Empowerment Life Coach with over twenty years of experience in the public and private sector.

     Yasmin developed the C.U.R.E (Compassionate, Understanding, Relentless & Empathy) mentoring program serving individuals nationwide. C.U.R.E was designed to help individuals understand the root cause of emotional dysfunction and learn proper techniques to develop emotional intelligence.

     Yasmin has a plethora of gifts and talents that uniquely showcase her writing style as the bestselling author of “A Never-Ending Story of Unconditional Love”, “Overcoming Emotional Dysfunction” and the “Cure Motivation Journal."

     Yasmin is known for her enthusiasm for life, charismatic personality, and infectious laughter. It is said that she has a way of captivating the attention of her audience and leaving a lasting impression on and off stage.  Yasmin enjoys reading, writing, singing, working out at the gym, going to the shooting range, and spending quality time with loved ones.

Yasmin Novella 

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