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The Nature of the Little Foxes that spoils

Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom. Songs of Solomon 2:15

From the beginning, the nature of the fox was to create trouble. The challenge started from the Garden of Eden very early; the deceptive, crafty intent of the enemy began to naught the vine. The episode plunged humanity under the law of sin and death, changing the course of everything.

Naturally, the fox has mastermind energy, allowing them to succeed at anything they put their mind to with their intelligence, creativity, and flexibility. They are cunning creatures, making them expert manipulators, and can sometimes represent lies and deceit.

In our lives as believers, we can identify the foxes. Those elements desire to destroy us mentally, physically, and emotionally. The little foxes are many, and they do one thing, and that is to spoil. When something or someone gets spoiled, it will lose value, worth, taste, class, etc. The little fox intended to damage the marriages, relationships with children, our health, finances, and core values of our homes.

Only what is good can be spoiled. So now we see why the little foxes intend to break the vineyard: there is a great day of harvest, potential, victory, blessings, healing, etc. Why the foxes of our lives are determined to spoil us because of the purpose, God placed in all of us as believers.

Solomon didn’t say to run the foxes away but to catch them today. We who have experienced the attack of the little fox shall kill the fox.

John 10: 10; tells us that the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. In the life of every Christian, there are things the devil targets and determines to rob you of.

Prayer point:

Lord, let my spiritual eyes and ears be wide open to detect the traps of the little fox.

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      God sometimes takes us through an uncomfortable period of stretching.  Sometimes, we feel that we cannot take anymore, and we are about to snap.  Oh, but God!  He knows you, and He knows you well.  He knows how much pressure you can take to become the daughter He has called you to be. 

      Behind every stretch, there is a lesson.

Stretching makes us grow:  God sends seasons of stretching into our lives to change us, shake us up, and push us out of our comfort zones.  But James tells us to “consider it pure joy, whenever faced with trials of many kinds…”  WHAT?  JOY in the STRETCH?

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Come join us – as we dig deeper and go beyond surface Christianity.


Check-in/registration will start on Friday, November 3rd at 7:30am in the hotel lobby.



9:30 am-4 pm: Classes/Breakout sessions (lunch on your own)

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9-4 pm: Classes/Breakout sessions (lunch included)

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9:30 am-12 pm:  Sessions/Service

There will be no refunds, walk-ins, or payments at the door.


$125.00 – registration

Ending - October 29, 2023


Your registration fee helps to pay for the speakers and various necessities for the conference. 

Dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday are included in your fee.

Embassy Suites by Hilton

200 Stoneridge Drive Columbia, SC 29210

Discount room rate:  $139.00 per night (up to 4 people per room for King and up to 6 for doubles) includes FREE breakfast.

***PLEASE NOTE:  Breakfast at a discount rate of $15.00 per person is available for purchase to all attendees, even if you do not stay at the Embassy Suites.

RESERVATIONS for your room will be on your own; book directly with Embassy Suites:  You can make an online reservation at the link provided below, or you can call (803) 744-8132, use group code WOM.

The deadline for this discounted rate is October 12th.

You can check into your room at the discounted rate of $139.00 per night three days before the event and stay up to 3 days after.


Space is limited; so reservations should be made as soon as possible.

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