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What “little foxes” do you need to catch today?

Updated: Jul 9

Song of Solomon 2:15

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.

{This article was compiled from the works of the authors referenced below.}

A pilot couldn’t fit his tea into the cupholder, so he set it on the center console. When the plane hit turbulence, the drink spilled onto the control panel, shutting off an engine. The flight was diverted and landed safely, but when it happened again to a crew from a different airline two months later, the manufacturer realized there was a problem. The plane cost $300 million, but its cupholders were too small. This seemingly small oversight led to some harrowing moments.

Small details can wreck the grandest plans, so the man in the Song of Solomon urges his lover to catch “the little foxes that ruin the vineyards” of their love (2:15). He’d seen foxes climb over walls and dig out vines in search of grapes. They were hard to catch as they darted into the vineyard then melted back into the night. But they must not be ignored.

Solomon writes, “Catch…the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.” One Bible teacher put it this way: “Small things that seem unimportant can spoil ‘tender grapes,’ like a relationship, a career, or a life dedicated to Christ. How many marriages fail because spouses paid no attention to the little things? How many athletes lost competitions because of tiny missteps? Many of us can see the big picture of our lives and our relationship with God, but we neglect the details necessary for bringing it all into focus. We must attend to ‘trifles’ if we hope to succeed. As we act faithfully in the little things God will bless us with greater opportunities. We’ll develop the faithfulness and obedience to conquer the great issues in life.” Only when you’re faithful in small things will God entrust you with greater things (See Matthew 25:21).

Our thoughts can be dangerous and detrimental to a healthy spiritual life and faith reproduction. Foxes destroy vines by chewing at the roots. Under the cover of darkness, sneaking in and devouring a plant at the base. Friends, when we allow fear, worry and anxiety to nibble at our heart and mind – doubt will destroy blooming faith. It is important to capture each and every rebellious thought contrary to God’s Word and Will for us in order to maintain a healthy soul. Emotions like worry and anxiety come from doubt. Doubt and faith cannot coexist. One will thrive while the other dies. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. I want to please God with every thought. Don’t you?

It is important to continually think the right thoughts and weed out the wrong ones to cause love to grow in the fields of relationships including the one we have with Jesus. Perfect love drives out fear and all those little foxes sent by the enemy to destroy our confidence in Christ. Catch the foxes! Take captive each thought and inspect it. Those in harmony with God’s Word and His Way for you allow to circulate and run freely through your heart and mind! But those that don’t and foster any other idea but perfect love from our perfect God must be dealt with severely. Controlling one’s thought life is a demanding discipline that requires our constant and ongoing attention.

How we think determines our response to the challenges of life. Emotions, like fear, will cause a natural reaction rather than a supernatural response. There will be bad things, hard days, and pain in this life, but Jesus overcame all these things. It is important that we overcome the “little foxes” of improper thoughts that do not align with God’s Kingdom in order to live a victorious life on every level only possible through the Power and Authority of Christ.

So, what “little foxes” do you need to catch today? Little resentments, little habits, little areas of dishonesty? Negative thoughts? Nip them in the bud. Deal with them and watch how it changes your life. May God help us catch the little foxes! Let’s ask for and grant forgiveness as needed and nourish our vineyards in the soil of ordinary acts of thoughtfulness as God provides what we need.

Let Us Pray

Dear Lord,

I thank you for being Lord over my life. Thank you for the breath of life and giving me another opportunity to make my petition known before you. Lord, I realize that there are many little foxes in my life. I ask that you take captive of every little fox pertaining to my daily habits, mindset, thoughts, attitude, speech, relationships, way of life, and any other area a little fox may be lurking. It is my desire to live a life that is pleasing to you. May my life bring you glory. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

(Post written by LaShawn Mrema)


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